Monday, May 29, 2006


Rules and Experiences

I figure rules have evolved as a result of search of ease in daily acts of life. For example, traffic rules. The chaos, but for these rules would no doubt be too uncomfortable for the majority of the population who are too accustomed to them and closed to any form of change. Unfortunately, as we experience an undesirable consequence of these rules or norms are also counter to the very basis of their existence. They often inhibit one from achieving high effeciency. For example, a red light at 1:00AM when there is literally no traffic. One may wonder as to if a balance between the two exists and can the judgement of this balance be left to people to call as and when the need arises?

People very quickly develop rules and apparent truths of life based on experience and ease of actions and their explanation. For example, one person who has suffered an accident for speeding at night will forever claim the neccessity to follow the rules while another who has experienced higher effeciency will claim breaking the rule to be the way to go about things. In my experience, on too many, the larger far greater arbitrary picture is lost and rules are based on micro experiences. This line of thought though doesnt take us further on the question of rules vs. no rules as being the way in life.

Maybe people should be relied upon to make momentary judgement calls for themselves. By this I do not mean rules dont exist. They exist more like guidelines. And not like the guidelines of a beurocratic organization where guidelines is a subtle word for "follow or else...". They are not all imposing and leave room for case based judgements. But as I write, it seems implausible to me; this scenario. Maybe I have had too many 'bad' experiences which make me not trust people enough. The main issue here would giving up control. Because now the control would lie with many people. The world around us would be tough to cognize. We would be in a place where the traffic on one day could be driving on the right side, but due to rain, be on the left side the next day (if there is a slope on the road imagination....I apologize). To me it sounds both fun and uncomfortable. But unfortunately, the inertia due to experiences of people makes it hard for me to imagine how one can make people see this (according to me a broader and more general) perspective. But then again, I have poor imagination!!!

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